Speaking of QR Codes…

It seems my time is spent on Twitter these days, but here’s a new post for my edublogs blog. I saw a link from Mashable on Twitter today and it gave me an idea for a class project.  Here’s a quick video I made to explain.

Of course it needn’t be the student’s own face that the talking mouth is added to.  It could be a character from a book, an historical character or anyone/anything else that suits.  I didn’t use a QR code on my image, but if you use a QR Code generator and upload videos to YouTube you can use the same QR enabled device for many different objects.

The original Mashable post is here.

And this is me… (click the image to embiggen)



5 thoughts on “Speaking of QR Codes…

  1. This is such a creative idea. I would love to do a project like that in my classroom when I have one, and see how the children react with putting the video of their mouth on pictures on whomever they chose! Great Project!

  2. Hi Mr. Fawcett,

    I think this is a great school project! There’s so many different creative ways this project could be used. For example, the faces could be showing different facial expressions. Another idea could be two faces looking at one another and the mouths could have conversations. This is something I would love to use in a classroom setting. Thank you for the blog!

  3. Good afternoon!

    I am in Dr. Strange’s EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I think this is a fantastic idea! My concentration is History, so this is something that would be fascinating to use in that setting. It would definitely show the students that History isn’t just about dates and dead people. Personally, I would love to use something like this in a classroom and who knows, maybe by the time I graduate, it will perfectly accessible to myself and my future students.

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